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3TEK Systems provides managed services packages and professional IT support services. 3TEK Systems offers proactive IT support and technology services at affordable monthly rates. This model allows your business to effectively budget for and plan IT expenses, helping you save money and time in the long run.

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Document Management Solutions

3TEK document management solutions include optimized document handling, improved data accessibility and more.

CRM/ ERP Solutions

3TEK provides CRM and ERP Solutions to manage clients and your business at its simplest.

Web Hosting

Our Pure SSD, DDoS Protected, Shared Web Hosting platform has been designed to provide the Quality, Reliability, and Speed required for your professional web presence.

Database Management

Our team of experts possesses in-depth understanding of both – open and closed source databases.

eCommerce Consultancy

3TEK eCommerce consultants are specialized in delivering eCommerce solutions to grow your online business.

GPS & Telematics

Our GPS tracking solutions are applicable in a multitude of industries. 3TEK provides state of the art GPS based Tracking & Monitoring Solutions. 

IT Hardware & Peripherals Supply

We provide the right solution to all our clients, from a single laptop to a complete IT infrastructure.

VoIP Phone Systems

3TEK is a reliable VoIP service provider that helps your business achieve significant savings using VoIP technology.

Office 365 Consulting

3TEK Office 365 consultancy services offer a comprehensive road map that help organizations seamlessly adopt and integrate their IT environment in the cloud.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing services at 3TEK meet the future needs of your business to dynamically scale your cloud solutions as per your needs.

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